Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Branch

Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Branch

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About Us


FGEI is one of the largest education system in Cantts and Garrisons, providing quality education to over 181,000 x students through 11272 x faculty/staff. It is managing its schools and colleges through 12 x Regional Offices spreading all over the country. FGEIs are endeavoring to improve the educational quality as envisaged by the Secretary Defence, COAS and IGT&E

Training/ Monitoring & Evaluation Branch:

Consequent upon the visit and tour notes of IGT&E vide HRD–Coord letter no 04/119/2010HRD-Coord-0E4E6 dated 07 Feb 2014, Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Branch has been established in FGEI Directorate in July 2014 and its allied 10 x sections, 27 x Resource Centres in all Regions are working on adhoc basis. The same have been included in the TO & E for revision. IGT & E very kindly approved first batch of 8 x centralized courses with their financial effect out of Central Development Fund (CDF). These 8 x centralized courses have been completed in befitting manner. These training initiatives from time to time with bring positive change and professionalism in teaching faculty. As a results these will promote continuous professional Development culture in the whole system which is important to cater the needs and demands of the 21st century education and according to National Education Policy aspirations.


2. To transform the FGEIs network into one of the best educational systems of the country.


3. To provide purposeful and quality education to the wards of Armed Forces personnel as well as of civilians, residing in cantonments / garrisons throughout the country, by nurturing fine citizens’ skills among the students and providing them healthy educational environment, so as to make them useful members of the society.

Core Values

4. The core values are:-

  1. Instilling in the students moral, social and national values so as to help them becoming good human beings and patriotic Pakistanis.
  2. Grooming them to be educationally sound to adjust as effective and productive members of the society.
  3. Making the students physically and mentally robust by providing them with the facilities of sports and co-curricular activities.
  4. Realizing the fact that in FGEIs children generally come from the lower social strata of the society thus, deserve utmost care in their nurturing.

Functions of Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Branch

5. As per instrs of IGT&E, FGEI (C/G) estb its Trg, Monitoring & Eval Br at Dte lvl in July 2014, with its 11 x Trg secs at Regional lvl and 27 x RCs in Regions. Following are the objectives of Trg Monitoring & Eval Br:-.

Assess the training needs of all cadres incl Principals/ Faculty of schools, colleges, non-teaching staff, then design and arrange purposeful training progms accordingly.

  • Plan the short term / long term courses / workshops / seminars / special lectures to address the trg needs of all the cadres.
  • Implement the approved policies/ progms through Regional Coord Trg, Monitoring and Eval secs in the Region.
  • Dev & implement a continuous Academic Monitoring and Eval sys.
  • Monitor all trg progms and provide feedback / analysis.
  • Carrying out Action Research in the problem areas and suggest solutions to the mgmt.
  • Interacting with NGOs, National Educational Organizations &collaboration with FJWU & Ripha International Uni for seeking help in professional trg matters & resource persons.
  • Assessing the impact of training on Academic Results, grooming of students, grooming of teachers, etc.

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