Admission Policy

The admissions in FGEIs will be made by the Heads of Institutions in accordance with the policies issued by FGEI (C/ G) Directorate from time to time, being their primary responsibility. However, a Committee of Officers constituted by Chairman Regional/ Sub Regional/ Station Board with GSO-1 Regional Office as a member cum secretary will ensure admission of wards of armed Forces personnel as per SOP. Stations where GSO-1 (FGEIs) is not located, Sub Regional/ Station Boards will monitor admissions and allied management of the institutions in coordination with Director/ GSO-I (FGEIs) to ensure that there is no unnecessary overcrowding in classes. However overall responsibility of admission will rest with Head/ DDO of institution concerned.

Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantts/Garrisons)

Note: Admission schedule is also announced in leading daily Newspapers.