Tuition & Fee


Sr # Description HSSC Arts HSSC (Science) BA Arts BSc (Science) MA Schedule
1Admission FeeRs. 30Rs. 40 Rs. 50Rs. 60Rs. 70On Admission
2Tuition FeeRs. 30 Rs. 40Rs. 50Rs. 60Rs. 70Per month
3Library Security Rs. 210Rs. 210Rs. 270Rs. 270 Rs. 270One time and refundable
4Security Fund Rs. 25Rs. 25Rs. 25Rs. 25 Rs. 25Per month
5R.D.F Rs. 65Rs. 65Rs. 65Rs. 65 Rs. 65Per month
6Others Rs. 238Rs. 238Rs. 238 Rs. 238Rs. 238Per month


Sr # Description Primary High SSC Schedule
1Admission FeeRs. 30Rs. 35 35On Admission
2Tuition FeeRs. 30Rs. 35 35Per Month
3Security FundRs. 25Rs. 25 25Per Month
4R.D.FRs. 55Rs. 55 55Per Month
5Others Rs. 70Rs. 70 80Per Month
6School Leaving FeeRs. 30Rs. 35 35At the time of leaving