Role and Functions-FGEI

Parent Bodies

Policy Board at Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence is the parent Ministry of Federal Government Educational Institutions Directorate. A Policy Board is set up in Defence Division to oversee the working of the Directorate, its institutions and formulate broad based policies to ensure better quality education. Composition of the Board is:-


- Additional Secretary Def (AS-I)


- Inspector General of Training & Evaluation or its representative, not below the Rank of Brig

- FA (R), Military Finance

- Director Federal Government Education Institutions(C/G)

- Joint Secretary Defence Division

Army Central Board at GHQ




Director General HRD
JS (B&C) Defence Division
FA (Regulations) Military Finance
DG or Director ML&C
Director FGEI, GHQ
Director Quartering, GHQ
Director Education, AHQ
Director Education, NHQ


Deputy Director FGEI Directorate

Army Central Board - Functions

(1) To ensure the implementation of the National Policies on education in all Cantonments/Garrisons schools and colleges.

(2) To suggest appropriate measures to improve the quality of life and education in these institutions.

(3) To approve and vet all dev schemes.

(4) To render all help in maintaining high academic standards in these institutions.

(5) To accept grants-in-aid and donations from Government and other agencies and arrange the utilization of such funds for the betterment of students/institutions.

(6) To help solve problems faced by Regional/Sub Regional Boards and the Directorate.

Regional Boards in Formations

In 1996 a comprehensive SOP was approved by COAS, which covers working of the FGEIs. As per the SOP Regional, Sub-Regional and Station Boards were constituted so as to help in the smooth functioning of the FGEIs, Composition and functions of the Boards are as following:-

  1. Regional Boards - Composition



Corps Commander


Formation Commander to be nominated by the Chairman Regional Board
Log Area Commander or Station Commander (where Log Area is not loc)
GSO-1 (Education) Corps / HRDC


GSO-1, FGEIs (Mandatory)

(2) Sub-Regional Boards.


Formation Commander to be nominated by the Chairman Regional Board


Brigade Commander to be nominated by Chairman Sub-Regional Board

Station Commander

Senior most Head of local FGEIs (Mandatory)



(3) Station Boards


Station Commander


1 x Lt Colonel/ Major to be nominated by Chairman

Senior most Principal of local FGEIs (Mandatory)


GSO-3 (Education) or senior most Principal of local FGEIs

Functions of the Regional Boards

(1) To supervise the working of Regional Offices in the implementation of policies / orders / instructions issued by GHQ from time to time.

(2) To ensure elimination of outside interference in the functioning of Regional Offices / Educational Institutions especially in admissions / transfers.

(3) To monitor admissions and allied management of the institutions to ensure that there is no unnecessary overcrowding in the class or other lapses of admission.

(4) To assess the educational needs of various cantonments in their respective regions and help in the preparation of development plans for submission to GHQ for further processing.

(5) To ensure that dev schemes pertaining to their respective regions, as approved by the Government are completed in time and funds allocated for them are used judiciously.

(6) To ensure quality of construction/ repair works by MES.

(7) To accept grants-in-aid and donations from Government and other agencies and planning their utilization in the FGEIs in their respective regions.

(8) To provide land and proper sitting of institutions in Cantonments areas.

(9) To provide facilities of accommodation, transport, medical aid and other legitimate assistance, etc. to students and employees of FGEIs, wherever possible.

(10) To ensure that no deviation in fees and funds takes place.

(11) To sanction development projects and employ teachers on honorarium out of Regional Development Fund (RDF).

(12) To monitor proper utilization of school funds and arrange audit of all funds maintained by the institutions.

(13) To ensure security of institutions, under the overall umbrella of garrison security apparatus.