Code of Conduct

  • The use of Cell phone by the teachers in the class rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Corporeal punishment and abusive language in any case is prohibited.
  • Possession of any unlawful thing by the students will be taken up by the discipline committee.
  • On possession of cell phone by a student following actions will be ensured:-
    • 1st incident Rs. 100 fine/ intimation to parents.
    • 2nd incident Rs. 500 fine and undertaking by parents that there son/ daughter be expelled as recommended by discipline committee
  • Late comers will be warned first time and for the second time a fine of Rs.05/- will be charged per day.
  • The students without uniform (proper pants, shirt, tie, badge, haircut, proper polished shoes, pullover, blazer, socks) will be warned first time and for the second time a fine of Rs. 05/- will be charged.
  • In case of any quarrel, a fine of Rs.100/- will be charged from both the students. Furthermore, the students may be advised to launch a complaint against any misbehaviour by any student to respective class In- charge/ PTI and parents.
  • In case of any breakage of property of the institution by the student, cost of item will be charged from the students involved.
  • If the discipline committee recommends expulsion of any student from the institution on the basis of his involvement in any kind of immoral activity, that is unpardonable, thereof, he will be expelled from the institution under rules, in consultation with the Head of the institution under intimation to the respective Director/ Deputy Director/ GSO-I.
  • In case of misbehaviour of a student with any teacher/ staff, the case will be taken up by the disciplinary committee which my dispose off the case with a fine, punishment or both or expulsion from the institution. The expulsion will be carried out after having consultation with respective GSO-1.
  • The record of amount charged as fine will be maintained by the respective PTI/ Discipline In-charge and the same will be deposited in Student Fund of the institution at the end of each month.

Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantts/Garrisons)